recent residents:
Ginette Daleu, october 2003
Luc Fosther Diop, oct. 2003
Alioum Moussa, nov. 2003
Sonia Khurana , jan. 2004
Guy Wouete, feb. 2004


Artist's initiative (based in Douala/cameroun) aimed at developping contemporary art.
ArtBakery intends to carry out the following projects :

-ArtDaily, a project aiming at providing training for journalists and writers, on Art History and Art Criticism. Art daily will last a whole year and is divided into numerous two-week modules.

-Portfolio program, a mini-residency project designed for young artists from within and from outside, to develop a new body of work and to develop a more professional approach to one's presentation, so as to enable them to smoothly get into the art world.

-Bakery, a small production unit allowing the development of multimedia works of art. It will provide artists with tecnical assistance, advice and follow-up in their media-arts related projects. The main focus here will be artists from Cameroon and from the Central African sub-region.

-MasterClass, a training program for artists , relying on exchange and interaction. Seminars, workshops, talks and conferences form the core activities of this ambitious program, fed by grassroots needs.

-Nursery, a program aiming at introducing artists in local schools and at bringing pupils from local schools into art studios.

DREAMERS, apr. 2004
Dodji Effoui, janvier. 2005
Viviane Maghela
juillet 2004